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Welcome To My Home Page
Hi! This is the first time i made a webpage. I hope you like it! As you can see, on the right hand side of this paragraph is my hamster. ( the bigger one with honey colored fur) Isn't she adorable? She is a proud mother of 2 litters, each with 8 babies. All the babies have found themself good homes. My hamster is a Teddy Bear Hamster.
About Me
I am an 11 year old girl. I like to play on neopets. If you do, then please join the |~*Baby Neopets*~| guild. I am the guild leader of |~*Baby Neopets*~| guild. I am a first timer, so please join! My guild has answers for games like Poogle Solitare, and I have the answers to the Cooking pot items! So please join!

I take piano lessons, and I am in level 7. I am going to have an exam soon! I hope I pass... I like swimming, playing Badminton, and other physical games like tag, cops and robbers, and grounders.

My Pets
I have in total 2 pets. One of them is a Teddy Bear Hamster, and the other one is a Green Singing Finch. I got my Green singing finch on August 8th, 2000. And i got my hamster on September 16th, 2002. My green singing finch currently doesn't have a name, so we just call it "Bird". On the other hand my hamster has a name, it is called "Fay Po". Fay Po in chinese means fat girl. And we call her that becuz she WAS really fat when we got her. But hse had been exercising alot on her wheel lately, so I guess she got less fat.